Things You Will Need:

1: Bowl or a Bucket
2: Warm Water
4: Mild Shampoo (WITHOUT SULFATE!)
5: Drying Towel

OKAY - Lets get started! 1. Fill your bucket with warm water. 2. Dip the hair in the warm water for about 5 seconds. 3. Gently lather in your shampoo and let it set it for a minute. 4. Rinse the hair with clear water until thoroughly clear of shampoo. 5. Cover the hair with a towel to soak up all the water. 6. Hang the hair with the weft open and air dry.

CO WASH your hair and weave when you have sew ins. Co wash, it simply means washing your weave/hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. Most shampoos, especially commercial shampoos contain sulfate in them. Sulfates are powerful cleansing agents that strips all the oil from your hair. All hair needs a little of moisture which gives it natural shine and extends its texture. It is normal to shed 50-100 hairs a day MOST SHEDDING HAPPENS when removing your weave. To help with shedding and breakage, deep conditioning is the key.

Dry Your Hair When You Wash It!
It is so important to make sure your hair is dry after youíve washed it!! Leaving your hair wet after a wash can make your hair break and it will also help to make your hair dry. Ití s also bad to have wet hair while having in a sew in. So for the love of good hair and good weave dry your braids girl.

Recomended Oils: olive oil, carrot oil, and Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

This is a tip that is highly ignored by women who wear sew ins. If you donít oil your hair under your sew ins you can get dandruff and/or dry and brittle hair. Oil helps your hair with growth and shine. Just please do not over oil your hair. So please take time out every night to oil your scalp. By the way castor oil and coconut oil promote hair growth.

Wear And Tare!
The less products you use in your weave the the longer it stays in tact. Also, be careful when using heat on your weave. Opt for more heat less styles such as bantu knots or flexi rods for great waves/curls.

Maintain Your Real Hair!
Take your hair out every six to eight weeks. Your hair should likely grow 1/2 to 1 inch beneath the weave. After youíve taking out your weave use a deep conditioning treatment in your hair and get your ends trimmed if it is needed.
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